Is social media necessary for my small business?

Life is digital. Let’s face it, from the minute we wake to the time we go to sleep we are 100 per cent connected to the world. From emails, instant messaging, iPlayer streaming to news feeds, we can watch, chat and shop 24/7 – perfect for the insomniacs among us.

Equally, here at PR Centre we are offering an online social media service that can turnaround blogs and press releases in one day through our express PR agency service. We offer an affordable press release writing service with a professional PR edge. We can do this because we have the resources to monitor and respond.

Because of this new exciting new digital environment, some SMEs feel that social media is a must and they are pushed into doing it without thinking through the commitment in terms of time and resource needed to maintain a successful presence.

For a start not every social media platform will be relevant to your business. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… this list will continue to grow but it does not mean you should be active on every platform. A review of where your customers are most active should be a key starting point in reviewing options. Crucially you must be honest in deciding if you have the time and budget to participate daily in social media activity. When resource, budget and time are limited, as is often the case with SMEs, the advice would be to leave social media alone rather than damaging your brand by doing it badly. Inactive Twitter accounts and Facebook pages without any updates for months suggest a thoughtless business or at worst, one that has closed down. Perception is everything.

Blog sections of websites like this on PR Centre are a good alternative to a social media platform because it still allows you to reach out to your audience with relevant content, providing the ability for them to respond through comments and resharing through their own social sites. It’s another example of DIY PR and one we can help you to get off the ground. Whether it is copywriting or preparing the blog, we can turn this round quickly through our online PR service and send it to you to directly upload to your website.

PR Centre is an online PR agency designed to help you promote yourself by yourself. You may be a small business, but we can help you think big.

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